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Growth plan for  End of Waste (EoW) materials  and products

Destaclean (formerly Destamatic)  is an innovative  recycling SME company with net sales amounting to 9 MEUR operating in the Helsinki metropolitan region. Destaclean is now in process to take the next step in its business  development from ordinary waste management company to a recycling company producing End of Waste (EoW) materials  and products from construction and demolition waste (CDW). The growth strategy is developed and tested under the ”Destaclean 2020” programme.

Our role has been to help Destaclean to draft the growth plan  to expand its businesses in Finland and to  Europe based  particular on asset- light business models like technology sales, partnerships and  licencing. We also helped Destaclean in rising funds to implement its growth and investment plans.

Smart Energy System AskoRegion Lahti

AskoRegion Lahti consists of 30 hectars old industrial area. The objective of the redevelopment project is to develop an attractive multipurpose 24/7 area where ground water will be utilized as main source of heating and cooling. Storage and recovery of thermal energy is achieved by extraction and injection of groundwater from aquifers using groundwater wells.

Our role has been to develop an overall technically feasible and commercially viable smart energy concept and to carry out detailed system analysis especially thermal and flow modeling . Further we have drafted energy operator’s business model (FBOOT approach) and carried out its financial analysis.

Case Askola

Indusrial Eco-Industrial Park in Kolmenkulma (Tampere)

This 850 hectar area is being developed with a cleantech emphasis, which will be implemented primarily by maximising cooperation between individual businesses for the purposes of increasing material and energy efficiency, decreasing environmental burdens and developing common eco-friendly approaches through the sharing of energy resources and services.

Our role has been to initially introduce the Eco-Industrial Park concept to the three munipalities. We also defined a smart district energy system based on bi-directional energy networks and multi-source renewable energy systems. Further we proposed the necessary services and organisational structures to attract companies to establish their business operation to the Kolmenkulma Eco-Industrial Park.

District Heating, Cooling & Power with on-site renewable energy

The Energy Hub is a collaborative European project, part funded under the Seventh Framework Programme, which aims to demonstrate the full potential of renewable energy by providing 100% on-site renewable energy within an “Energy Hub District”.  An e-hub is a system for the capture, conversion, storage, distribution and control of energy. It aims to maximise the use of on-site renewable energy at the district level.

A crucial element is the acceptance of such an advanced energy supply system by users as well as by suppliers. The development of new business models and service concepts that are attractive to both is part of the project.

Our role has been to analyze market needs and to develop alternative business concepts and their business models for e-hub energy systems.   A total of 15 business concepts were identified aimed at various stakeholders such as energy retailers, balancing responsible parties (BRPs), distribution system operators  and transmission system operators (TSOs).

Case Askola